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Most Companies Don't Use Data When Making Decisions About People

RT @i4cp #HR Most Companies Don't Use Data When Making Decisions About People: study finds less than a 1/4 of comp...

A tip to CIO’s: Select the Right SAP Consulting Partners

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A tip to CIO’s: Select the Right SAP Consulting Partners Mandeep S. Oberoi* 

March 08, 2010


Often the question is asked why should businesses choose to pay more and engage highly experienced SAP consultants instead of hiring less experienced people and paying less?

Is Your Performance System Holding Talent Back?

Is Your Performance System Holding Talent Back? - Today's strategic performance systems are agile, accelerated and adaptable. If companies want talent to be focused on their business, their performance systems can’t hold them back.  Today's talent works differently than the traditional way performance has been managed.

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Why You Should Join HR Professional Groups?

Family life, 60-hour work weeks (if you’re lucky), soccer practices, helping with homework, diaper duty, PTA – in our hectic lives, who has time to join a professional organization, much less volunteer to help run a professional organization?

My response is, “Perhaps you simply start with baby steps.” Joining an HR professional organization is incredibly easy. Many of these organizations offer membership at no charge, resulting in incredible value. Target a group or two that are pertinent to your field, in my case HR groups such as IHRIMSHRM, or OAUG. Initially, attend a few meetings as a guest, meet the members.

Roundtable Debate: Globalization

The 11th Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing week in Singapore provided an opportunity to discuss the globalization of services in today’s markets. Hugo Walkinshaw, of Deloitte’s Asia office, led the discussion.

Motivation for social networking at work

The introduction of a social networking site inside of a large enterprise enables a new method of communication between colleagues, encouraging both personal and professional sharing inside the protected walls of a company intranet.

A Pig In Lipstick? Let’s Focus On The Right Things

Have you heard the quote “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”  That was said by Barack Obama during his Presidential campaign.  I thought of that today when I read a story on MSNBC.

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From E-Learning to We-Learning

The corporate training industry is undergoing some major changes. Over last few months we have been involved in many discussions with organizations about the tremendous needs to build, manage, and formalize their social and collaborative learning programs. This is being driven by many factors: the slowing economy, the "always-connected" nature of the workforce, and the explosion of social software tools and platforms now available

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Making The Rubber Hit The Road- “Re-Branding” HR

If I were asked to describe my “ideal” HR department, it would be one in which every HR pro would:

  • Know the business- Speak the language of the particular industry they support.
  • Understand the financials- This is key to being able to strategically advise leadership on people issues.
  • Get honest- They wouldn’t sugarcoat what is going on.  The only way to really make things better is to examine the issue at hand.
  • Encourage innovation- Include HR at all levels in brainstorming to truly challenge the traditional ways of doing things.  Some processes will remain the same.  Others will be taken to new and better levels. 
  • Be recognized publically (internally AND externally) – Other work teams publicize their “wins”.  So should HR.
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